Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Seven Year War

Ok a group of us at PAW and our Exmouth brothers are going to do a series of games in the Seven Year War period using Sam Mustapha's Maurice rules.  Now a couple of guys already have armies representing some of the combatants, the major armies Britain, France, Prussia.

I have chosen The Reichsarmee, a collection of small German states that have allied themselves with the Holy Roman Empire or Austria.

They wear a mix of Prussian and Austrian style uniforms and will make a great contingent on the table.

So my first unit is the Ansbach Dragoons, part of the Franconian forces.

Ansbach Dragoon Regiment

The paint job was fairly quick and easy on these, although I am happy with the result.

I sprayed them white, then did the horses and horse furniture followed by the rider.  Once dry they are given a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone.

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