Tuesday, 26 February 2013

French 'Dutch' Red Lancers

Ok the mountain of Al's unpainted Napoleonic lead is growing small and this is one of the last full French units.

Some cavalry for his Guard in the shape of the 'Red' lancers.  I don't know who made them but they come open handed so I used some 30mm spears to make the lances.

These also show the new style, that I am using for Al's figures, of using Army Painter Dark Tone, basically I can not find GW Babad Black wash and their new one is not as good, oh and I have said I am never buying 'new' GW stuff again after their latest 'trade mark' farce!

The difference is the colours show up better and you still get some 'shading' when you look closely.

Guard 'Red' Lancers

Sorry about the picture quality I am using my IPhone.

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