Tuesday, 19 February 2013

2013...February already!!

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay but Happy New Year!

And three quarters of the way through February already!!

Obviously I was at home for most of January and I always find it hard to update my blog then...

But I away at work once more and the painting machine has started again.

So what will 2013 bring me, wargames wise.....well PAW13, my clubs open weekend was a great success not just for me, I made nearly £1,000 from the Bring and Buy but also for the club, the numbers and takings were up.

A big thank you to all the guys who made it happen!

Gaming project wise.....

15mm Fantasy, I will make a big effort to paint more an game more in this my favorite period.

15mm Ancients, my Spanish are nearly all done, although it is meant to be part of a larger Carthaginian Army I will be making it large enough to be an army in it's own right, as my Numidian Army is.

15mm Seven Years War, this will be a reasonably small army, by my standards as it will be pat of a group project to play Maurice rules.  it will be The Reichsarmee.

10mm ACW, I have made a start on these using Pendraken figures and I am really enjoying painting them.  This will be a medium size project or so it is planned so far may be 15-20 units of 3 bases each, 8 figures per base, well that's the Confederates any way.

Then I have my commissions, still doing 15mm Napoleonic and the odd medieval base for a couple of guys at the club.

Thanks for reading and I will try and post more often....

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