Sunday, 12 May 2013


There will another batch of commission work pictures tomorrow.  These are the figures I painted the last time I was away working.

My routine is paint at work, base at home.

So despite the lack on WIP pictures I have been busy.

24 Punic heavy infantry

18 ancient Spanish cavalry

24 Ottoman Cavalry and 36 Ottoman infantry in 2 weeks, so not too bad.

On the painting table now is my last batch of Spanish cavalry and command, 25 figures in all, the largest batch of. Cavalry that I have done in one go.

Once they are finished, hopefully in two days time that will be my ancient Spanish forces finished.  That will be a second fully army that will make up a very large Carthaginian Army.

Next for this army will be the Liby-Phonecians.  Mainly African spear, skirmishes and elephants, lots of them.....well about 6 anyway.

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