Sunday, 5 May 2013

More 'Black Orcs'

Here are the latest batch of my ever expanding 15mm Fantasy, the only scale to play out these epic struggles'.

Saying that these figures are about 18mm and quite stocky, hence Black Orcs or Great Orcs.

The models themselves are from the Blood Dawn range supplied by Magistar Militair.  They are lovely models and paint up very well.

In this batch we have 2 1/2 infantry units and 1 wild boar unit.

They are based on 80mmx40mm and 2 bases to a standard unit.

Personally I favour the fan generated Hail Caesar Fantasy rules, the Hail Caesar rules themselves are very good and easily adapted to the fantasy genre.  However they could happily be used in many rule systems that do not require individual or element removal.

A little word about the bases, they were bought from Tiny Tin Troopers and come pre magnabased and they are just great. The cost of the bases works out the same when compared with buying pre cut bases and magnetic strips yourself!  Well worth the money.


  1. very nice, really like the colour pallet that you chose for your Orcs, also really enjoyed your civil war confeds from last post, awesome man. now following, lets see what else you come up with.