Monday, 13 May 2013

Punic War Collection....well Part of it

Ok here is the Spanish Army, so far, with a little Punic assistance.
On the board is 272 foot and 50 mounted.  All figures are Corvus Belle, they are great minis and a joy to paint.

Punic infantry, listed under FOG as medium infantry but I have done these in 4s as the are drilled and I will use them as heavy infantry under Hail Caesar.  I have 3 units of these.

 Punic cavalry, not sure if they be shielded or unshielded but I am happy with the way they are.

Spanish Scutarii, I have 8 warbands of 6 elements or 6 warbands of 8 elements depending on which way you want to play them.

Catrati light foot, there are a lot of these in the Spanish army.

Slingers, Baleric or otherwise are a main stay of the army.

Cavalry, 'long shield cavalry' as they are called.  Two and a half units present and another one and half unit painted and ready for basing once I get home.

On the right is the light cavalry, there will be a total of three units once completed.

The Spanish are very close to completion, I am in the process of painting up the last 25 mounted figures to make up the light horse and command elements.  Once completed they will be second army to my Punic collection as I have already got a good sized Numidian army.

I have about 8 warbands worth of Celt-Iberians to do but they will be done as a separate part to my Spanish army.

Next up will be main Punic part of the collection.  So Liby-Phonician spearmen, Libyan Skirmisers and elephants.

The final part will be the Gauls, another stand alone army but all part of the greater Punic plan to smash Rome!!

It is a shame that Corvus Bellie did not do Republican Roman to match these ranges...

Finally I would like to thank James Roach of fame for his inspirational blog that has driven and guided this project.  Check out his blog is is amazing!

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