Sunday, 23 August 2009

Epic 40K Chaos

 Chaos Nurgle Reaver Titan

This miniture I bought off Ebay, it is one of about 7 I bought from a guy called Desperado, nice little conversions that work perfecty with my Nurgle Chaos forces
Based sprayed white, I used Army painter white and found it a little 'chalky' I think GW gives a smoother finish, however foir Titan size models it works.

The above two photos show the 'basic' paint jobs of Model Color Lime Green, GW Bleach Bone and Model Color Bronze.  The Lime Green does eventually get maksed by a wash.

Now I have liberally covered the 'rotten' areas with  GW Thraka Green wash, works well as a base coat for Nurgle.
Above it the model with a very genorous wash of GW Devlan Mud, really adds the bepth tones it all down.

Here is the finished model, minus the basing as I do not have an appropriate circular base with me at work. 

After the GW washes I simply heighlighted the 'bone' metal pieces with GW Bleached Bone, very simple and quite quick.

I have also picked out the 'sores' and 'boils' that the bless of Nurgle induce.

Overall I was quite happy with this model and feel that the photos do not really do it justice but I was never good at taking pics of models.

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