Sunday, 19 July 2009


Here is one of my favourite armies in Principle's of War 19th Century, Dervish and Fuzzy-Wuzzies, hundreds of them!! I like the PoW gaming system, they work over many periods and handle them very well. 

Here my opponent, Al is using the British Camel Corps against me, that is another army of mine (no decent pics yet).

On the left is Ken, our resident PoW Rules expert, he is our 'go to' man if we don't know the answer!

Sorry for the bright light I will try and get some better pictures the next time they get an outing.

 Above is a Dervish Command surging forward to smash the Colonial Oppressers!!

Here is a Fuzzy Wuzzi Command, these tried to smash in the British flank but if I recall correctly they never made it before the centre broke.

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