Sunday, 19 July 2009

Fantasy Armies

Here are the battle lines drawn up during a demo game at PAW 2008.

The two sides are Hordes of the Pits (Demons) and Beastmen.

I use many ranges including GW, Demonworld, Ral Patha (both of which are no longer produced 'shame'), Fighting 15s and Pendraken.  basicly I will use any figures that fit.  It adds to the 'Fantasy' look of it all.

 These are from the Horde From the Pit, basicly a Demon style army.  The figures used in the army come from many different companies.  The 'Juggars' on the left are used as 'Bohemoths'.

I use a modified Principles of War Ancients rules.  These have not been published but are free in their Yahoo Group.  My home made Fantasy additions amount to about two sides of A4 at the moment.  The basic rules and the fantasy add ons do good a rather good game!  I have uploaded the Fantasy additions in the file section of the Yahoo Group.

Here is a view from the Hordes Of The Pits 
looking at their Beastman opponent!  The temple was one of the battle 'objectives'.  In the Beastman line you can see  Warhammer Minators, who are giants at this scale and Demonworld Bear Riders.

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