Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Raphia Light and Medium Troops

Light and medium foot troops made up a good deal of the armies who fought the battle and they came from a diverse list of peoples.

Persian Bow, these acted as skirmishers for their respective armies.

Thracian Javelinmen, a fierce tribal people who were subjugated by Alexander and fought either as subjects or mercenaries.

These are depicted as the tribal troop type as apposed to the later Hellenistic Thracians who had a more Greek appearance.   

These troops represent Thorakitai mercenaries.  These troops should be dressed in mail, however Xyston Miniatures do not make a suitable figure yet.  I look forward to when they do and will replace these Thracians with them.

The miniatures themselves are later Hellenistic Thracian spear.

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