Saturday, 25 March 2017

Italian Wars-Impetvs Projects

Yes another new project.....well sort off.  I have just got into Impetvs rules, mainly through buying and reading the pike and shotte era Baroque rules.

I already have a preexisting Italian Wars collection so it was just a case of 'tarting' some of the figures up and re-basing (I hate basing!).

Below are the first trial bases.

The figures are mixture of Old Glory15s and Venaxia.
 In their original painted state

 The new all singing all dancing colourful paint scheme.

I drew insperation from the blog of James Roach,
James is to blame, I mean the inspiration for several of my larger projects.

 The finished bases of Gendarmes both fully armoured and the 'German' look of unarmoured horses.

I do know that Impetvs does not need separate generals but I will be making command bases so that I can use the armies for other rule sets and in my fantasy campaigns.

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