Tuesday, 19 July 2016

15mm Fantasy

Additions to my 15mm Fantasy collection, these are figures that have sat on the shelf for a few years and I have finally decided to bring them in form the cold.  
Xyston Gallic Gestati, naked fanatics....so what better than these to represent my Barbarian fanatics/beserkers!!

Now if I play Kings of War with these guys they could be like this, 2 bases to a 'regiment' or I could use them 4 bases to a 'horde'....I could even use the lot as one big 'legion' now that option could be fun!  Just imagine all 8 bases in the centre of the Barbarian line just waiting to crash into the enemy's prize troops!!!

As you can see, naked, dirty and covered in blue 'woade' to ward off the enemy's blades!  Just fine fanatics!

Below is a repost of how I'm going to represent 'Large Cavalry'...there will be 3 of these brutes on a base representing a regiment...I think they will be suitably intimidating!  Well I plan on 4 regiments! lol

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