Tuesday, 19 July 2016

10mm Seven Years War

My latest project, yes I know I have still not finished so many others, what can I say I'm easily distracted.....
But Seven Years War...starting with the Austrians, why?  Because I bough a couple of job lots cheap and I thought why not!
For inspiration and uniform guides I have followed a couple of great blogs and a very good wiki page..
Both web pages are very good fonts of knowledge!

The progress so far, 5 cavalry regiments, 5 infantry battalions, 4 combined grenadier battalion, 1 grenze battalion and 3 6pdr guns and limbers...there are 2 units of Reichsarmee also.

Kurassier Regiment Anhalt-Zerbst (KR25)

Dragoon Regiment Jung-Modena (DR13)

Dragoon Regiment Kolowrat-Krakowski (DR37)

Hungarian Hussar Regiment Hadik (HR12)

Hussar Regiment Baranyal (HR30)

 Combined Grenadiers from Infantry Regiment de Ligne(Pink) and Sprecher(Red)

Combined Grenadiers from Infantry Regiments Hessen-Cassel(Blue) and Marschal(Red)

Hungarian Combined Grenadiers from Infantry Regiments Joseph Esterhazy(Red) and Bethlan(Brown)

Infantry Regiment Marschal (IR18)

Infantry Regiment de Ligne(IR38)

Infantry Regiment Hessen-Cassel(IR27)

Hungarian Infantry Regiment Joseph Esterhazy(HIR37)

Grenze Regiment No.1 Banal

Finally 3 6pdr guns and limbers

All the figures are from Pendraken and I can not recommend the miniatures nor the service highly enough!

There is much more to come as this is about 1/3rd of the lead mountain I have!

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