Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Last Of The Legion

At last I have finally finished a project.....well I finished these at the end of 2015 and when I say finish I still have the generals bases to complete.

The army consists of 4 'legions' each of 3 units of Hastati, 3 units of Princepts, 1 unit of Triarii and 1 of horse.  A very good size consular army.

I am contemplating adding elephants or I could just use the ones I have in my Numidian Army.

All figures are WestWind War and Empire and they are just great.....


  1. Very nice. Are those 15mm? I'm finishing 28mm Velites for my Republican Romans.

    1. Hi David, yes they are 15mm.

      Westwind War & Empire range, I got them from their Kickstarter as a large Roman army to face my Carthaginian and allies Numidian, Spanish and Gauls.

      Epic battles to come