Sunday, 15 February 2015

Roman Hastati!

The first major part of my Punic Wars Roman army has been completed.  I fought through the basing, which is my least favorite part of the hobby!

Here are 192 Hastati, divided into 4 Legions each legion has 48 Hastati.  As you can see I have gone for four different shield colours Red and White will be the Roman Legions whilst the Blue and Yellow will be the Allied Legions

A little closer, the War and Empire figures are very nice with plenty of variety, I think there are at least 6 different legionaries, including two with swords.  

A rear view and as you can see there is plenty of colour.  I have gone with the school of thought that the self equipped legionaries would have been in a variety of smocks.  I have chosen 5 colours white, red, blue, green and yellow.

As you can see they make a very pleasing sight!

Continuing the theme the Principes will have the mix of coloured smocks but the Triarii, in the Roman legions will be all the same colour as will the cavalry.  I may still mix th smock colours in the Allied legions.

Only 192 Principes, 64 Triarii and 48 Cavalry to do!

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