Friday, 20 February 2015

AQMF Vehcile Selection WIP

Ok, I am just going through the box of unmade and unpainted BEF troops.  I selected a variety of vehicles as a test run.

Some of the models can be quite fiddly to put together and as all good gamers do I ended up sticking my fingers to the models! 

But here are some WIP pics...

Here we have L-R Mono Tank, Specter Armored Car, Kitchener Tank (The Specter was a pain to fit together!)


Kitchener and Mono tanks base sprayed Army Painter Desert and then dry brushed FOW Sand

Defiant Armored Car next to the Specter, the Specter is the nearest model to actual 15mm scale.  These are defiantly 18mm scale models

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