Friday, 21 September 2012

Where Next?

Ok I have been looking at my wargaming hobby and what and where I go next.
I have come to a decision, no new 15mm projects.

So what do I have on the go.......15mm

Late Carthaginian using Corvus Belle Figures

Macedonian/Seleucid using Xyston

Late Achamenid Persian using Xyston

AVBCW using Peter Pig

Now for the new projects...
10mm War of Spanish Succession 
10mm Wars of the Roses
10mm ACW

However and there is always an however...I do like 6mm
6mm Napoleonic Russian 1812
6mm Wars of the Roses (instead of 10mm lol)

So as you can see I am a busy little boy...oh and Dystopian Wars Prussian Empire!

And not to forgetting my continuing painting commissions from PAW club members.

So what am I getting rid of, A LOT!!
15mm WW2 Russians (a large collection!)
Epic Chaos Space Marines
28mm GW War Of The Rings (Orcs and Goblins)

If you want to know details just drop me a line.

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