Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Soviet Tread Heads!!

So I have had a little push on the Flames of War front and painted a lot of Soviets again!

below were the first of the armored units.

5 KV1s, these model are Battlefront and were great to paint and look good!
A view I will try not to offer a German tank or Pak gun!
T34/85s for the late period, again Battlefront minis that I bought on EBay (god bless them!)
Well that the start of my Soviet push and now there are another 10 KV1s, this time Zvede and another platoon of infantry. Recent purchases include 2 platoons of Sappers, with vehicles, £20 on my show's bring and buy, more infantry, Starlin Organsf and artillery off EBay!
The Soviets will be a very large army!!!!

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