Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dystopian Wars, Sun Reinforcements

Ok, reinforcements for Al's Empire of the Blazing Sun's fleet. He is building up quite a large and powerful force,obviously it will not match my mighty Prussian Empire but is is a fine display of Dystopian Naval and Airpower.
Above we have a Wargyro, 2 Gyros, 3 Gunships and 6 Corvettes.
Don't worry the ships are still on their painting bases not a poor attempt to do 'water bases'.

The Wargyro, a very impressive flying machine with plenty of fire power!
Gyros, escorts for the Wargyro or the Gyro Carrier.

Gunships, designed to be fast and hard hitting.
Corvettes, pesky things used to shield bigger ships and take the hits

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