Monday, 16 January 2012

Gaming in 2012

Ok 2012 has started well and I have managed to get a game in two weekends in a row. The first game was Hail Caesar, which I lost and the second was Dystopian Wars, which I won with my wonderful Prussian Empire fleet!

I really like the Dystopian Wars system although it can tale a little while to get used to the rules but once you do it is a fast fun game and the models are absolutely stunning. As well as my own fleet I have painted Al Cox's Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet, the one I beat on Sunday. They are a joy to paint and he has asked me to do another 4 units for his fleet and make a start on his land forces. As well as the Dystopian Wars stuff he also handed me three boxes of 15mm Napoleonics to organize and paint, so I will be busy.

On a personal front my own Flames of War Soviets have received their first tanks, 5 T34/85s, the 15mm Dwarves are nearly all painted and based and the Bavarian Cavalry Regiment is done.

Photos to follow soon, I hope.......

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