Friday, 25 February 2011

Arcane Legions


The latest addition to the force some Greek style figures. Remember just a basic paint job

Monday, 21 February 2011

DYstopian Wars

Blazing Sun's Cruisers

Ok another squadron has been completed. Three cruisers ready to join the fleet of the eastern empire.

The first picture is taken using the flash, the others are just lamp light, which in my opinion make them look nicer.

Although not clear due to the picture quality I have actually changed the superstructure colour. I have gone for slightly darker shade of pale green. Again these are a pleasure to paint and you get some stunning results.

Anyway below is eye candy..........

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Flames of War Soviets

The Russians Are Coming!!!!!!!

My other purchase at PAW2011 was a few boxes of The Plastic Soldier Company's 15mm Russians for the nice man of Baker Company.

I bought 2 boxes of Infantry and 4 boxes of T34s. This will give me over 200 infantry and 20 tanks. I must admit I was a little disappointed that the infantry did not come with any support weapons Maxims, mortars and the like. Hopefully PSC will make separate boxes of them along with other goodies. Anyway it is enough to get me started.

Here is a sub-machine gunner, with the base coat applied, Battlefront's German Armour. Also this guy comes in two pieces, the body and the arms/weapon. I thought this would be a pain but actually it was quite straight forward. As you can see for plastic there is plenty of detail.

I decided to do one test piece, hence the guy above. As I said the primer was Battlefront's German Armour, I have then just picked out the details..... helmet, flesh, weapon, webbing and boots.

Once that is dry I applied a coat Games Workshop Devlan Mud was. I am never too sure of using these washes as they can make the figures too dark and 'dirty' looking but actually it works really well on WW2 Russians.
As you can see, not the best pictures in the world but you get the idea. This method is new for me and a little alien compared to my drybrushing but it should make this a nice and quick army to paint up.
Watch this space...................
Arcane Legions

I have one other commission on the go at the moment, again for a PAW member. This is Arcane Legions. I have already painted the Chinese style and Roman style forcers and am now finishing off the EgyptoGreek style force.

My brief was to do a basic block painting style, cheap and cheerful to put some colour on the table and help tell the forces apart.

For the EyptoGreeks I have use a white and light blue theme.

Here are a few pictures of the 'living dead' units, remember basic painting on these.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Dystopian Wars

Blazing Sun Frigates

Here I have made a start on Al's (the Treasurer of Plymouth Association of Wargamers) Dystopian Wars Fleet.

At the very success PAW 2011 about 5 club members were swayed into buying this new game from Spartan Games by the clever boys at Games Vault. Between us we cover the four nations that make up the initial release. I have painted my Prussian Fleet Starter Set and very nice they are too, sorry no pictures as I am away overseas with work.

The model paint up very nicely and luckily suit my style of drybrush painting. There is plenty of detail and very little flash or mis-moulding to the resin.

Although it is hard to tell, the camera is not a very good one the hulls and superstructure are actually two different colours.

The bases are temporary painting bases.

Next up will be the Cruisers.

Dystopian Wars

I am currently painting Dystopian Wars ships for one of the club members, Al. He is having the Empire of the Blazing Sun.

I will post pictures soon.

I have just painted my Prussian Starter Box fleet, no pictures I'm afraid as they are at home.

More to follow.