Friday, 18 February 2011

Dystopian Wars

Blazing Sun Frigates

Here I have made a start on Al's (the Treasurer of Plymouth Association of Wargamers) Dystopian Wars Fleet.

At the very success PAW 2011 about 5 club members were swayed into buying this new game from Spartan Games by the clever boys at Games Vault. Between us we cover the four nations that make up the initial release. I have painted my Prussian Fleet Starter Set and very nice they are too, sorry no pictures as I am away overseas with work.

The model paint up very nicely and luckily suit my style of drybrush painting. There is plenty of detail and very little flash or mis-moulding to the resin.

Although it is hard to tell, the camera is not a very good one the hulls and superstructure are actually two different colours.

The bases are temporary painting bases.

Next up will be the Cruisers.

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