Monday, 20 June 2011

Clash of Evil!!

Remember when I refer to rules, etc, we were using a modified version of Warlord's Black Powder. In future we will use a version of Warlords Hail Caesar. As I finish future units and show them here I will be putting up there HC stats and special rules.

Ok the great horde of Orcs and Goblins gather to smash the Undead into dust!!

This is the first time that my Orcs and Goblins had taken the field and they look pretty good even if I do say so myself.

Above we have two units of Demonworld Spider riders with a skirmish screen of Kallistra Orc bow, now the Kallistra are 10mm but work great for 15mm Goblins!
A special rule was give to spiders in that they did not become disrupted when going through woods, I just thought it made sense.
Demonworld Mosquetos! A great model and something a little different. I did not really give these flying rules I just made them immune to terrain effects. So these were nice fast 'mounted' skirmishers.
Now this wee beastie is impressive!! GIANT SPIDERS!!! Enough to give any hero arachnophobia.......
These are made by Demonworld, and are lovely. The GOOD NEWS, Ral Patha Europe have bought the molds and are going to re release the ranges!! More spiders may be?
Or may be not?? Is 3 enough? Now due to the size of the model they are actually based on 120mm frontages. When I do the stats for HC I think I will have to take that into account as potentially they will be fighting more than one foe at a time.
Finally for this part, the 'White Hand' contingent, made by Eureka and sold in the UK by Fighting 15s. Again these are great models and almost identical to the LotR film portrayal of Urhi Khai. Here we have a phalanx of 3 units! A lovely sight, enough to warm any despots heart!!
The phalanx was ably assisted by a unit of Xbow and a giant, we all know it is a GW LotR Cave Troll but in this scale they make impressive giants.

More to follow...........


  1. What rules are you playing here? Piquet?

  2. No we used Black Powder, a strange choice but we had some 'fantasy variant.

    As per my later post we will be using Hail Caesar, should be fun and suite our purpose.

    We can adapt the rules to fit our armies rather than the other way around.

  3. i just found your blog. this looks awesome.

    1. Thanks Umpcommander,

      I aim to add more fantasy elements, 15mm of course in the later part of the year, once my SYW and ACW projects are finished.