Sunday, 19 June 2011

Clash Of Evil!!

At last, after a very long brake I finally got to play one of my real passions in wargaming, 15mm Fantasy Mass Battle. Al, from PAW and I played out a game involving Orcs and Goblins on my side and Undead on his.

We used an adaptation of Black Powder which has been given out on their Yahoo Group. It was developed for Lord of the Ring and Warmaster so we had to juggle the stats slightly.

The game was fought on an 8ft x 4ft table with quite large armies.
One of the appeals of fantasy battle is the sheer size and scope of the armies that you can. As you will see in later pictures the armies were quite large.
These two pictures just show the initial deployment of the two battle lines. In the next post we will get a little closer the combatants.


  1. "We used an adaptation of Black Powder which has been given out on their Yahoo Group."

    What Yahoo group is that? Thanks.

  2. It's the one in the 'Black Powder' Yahoo Group however I would use Hail Caesar if you have it as it is more aligned to close combat fighting.

    Although there is not a full conversion yet some material has been placed in the file section of the Hail Caesar Yahoo Group.

    Although not mine I aim to add to this as I think the flexibility of HC will be great for fantasy mass battle.

  3. Thanks, I found the files. I should have realized you meant the 'BlackPowderWargaming' group. I plan to get HC eventually, but for now I'm using BP for all sorts of periods.

    For example:

    I would like to do Middle Earth battles in the future.