Wednesday, 9 January 2019

War of the League of Augsburg or Nine Years War


The first post of the year is the last game of 2018, it is also the third game in the Warlord Games Black Powder series, a game of Pike and Shotte.  Now we have played all three books I must admit I really enjoy they way the games play and how much fun we have with them.  For a guy like me the conformity of rule books over the three periods just adds to the fun.
This year we will be trying Hail Caesar with Fantasy additions based on the Facebook Group 'Shadow Storm'

As for this game it features armies of the late 17th Century battling in Europe, the army for the Sun King fighting the league of allies.  So this fits in right at the end of the period covered by 'Pike and Shotte' book.  We used the regiment as a single unit and did not divide the pike and shotte elements.

All the figures are the fantastic Pendraken 10mm League of Augsburg range and are painted and owned by yours truly. 

So pictures...........

A partial view of the battlefield, an 6x4 table showing the Allied deployment

The Allied left with Dutch cavalry and infantry brigades

A close up of the Dutch guard cavalry

The Allied French Protestant Brigade, the Huguenots.

A Danish cavalry brigade

The Danish infantry.  The Danes were a little more advanced than the rest and had already dispensed with their pike.  To show this in the game each regiment was give one extra shooting dice.

The French right, dragoons, cavalry and infantry, the infantry being the Irish Brigade

A view from the French center starting with the Irish then the Guards

Me pointing the way for the French advance, well when they decided to move....

French Brigade, Garde Francis, Garde Swiss and German Grebe Regiments

French line regiment

French cavalry

Another French infantry brigade advancing

French center

Another view of the Gardes Brigade

The game played out really well, although we did run out of time.  It ended with a minor allied victory.  There were four of us playing and it was an enjoyable way to end the wargaming year.