Thursday, 26 July 2018

Successors on the Table

The first run out for my Raphia project armies. 

 Whilst home I played my first game with the armies I have been painting and collecting for the Raphia project.  One thing I did discover while I was sorting the the armies out is that the project is not completed (elephants aside) and I need to paint 3 more pike phalanxes, I have the figures thanks to Stuart at Colonel Bills ( and will hopefully get them painted this rotation.

The game was played at my local gaming club, Plymouth Association or Wargamers (PAW) with Stepehen Luscombe using Hail Caesar rules which he is very familiar with.

Here are the photos, sorry for the naked bases, they will be completed at some stage....

 The two armies line up for battle.

 The Seleucid phalanx line.
 The rear of the Seleucid phalanx.

 The Ptolemaic line, the 'supported' pike phalanxs are not an historical set up but are in the rules.  It made no real difference to the battle as by the time the pikes clashed they had moved out to a single line.
 Ptolemy's pike massed pike block and elephants.

 The opening moves and the lines draw closer.

 Seluecid Agema cavalry close on the levy Egyptian pike.  That was me forgetting that cavalry can not charge formed, un-disorded, pikes...

 Seluecid Agema in the foreground and the crest of the finest Corps in the back ground!

 Seleucid command and elephants on the left flank.

 Ptolemy companions and Greek cavalry on their left flank advancing through the Egyptian ruins.

 Ptolemy Guard Phalanx 

 Seleucid Agema and Companions on their left flank.

 Seleucid cavalry and elephants face off against the Ptolemy Egyptian pikes and elephants.

Ptolemaic Companion cavalry.

The game was a close run thing and ended as a draw, with a slight advantage to the Seleucid side.  
Hail Caesar plaid out very well and the game lasted for about 4 hours (all the time we had) and we could have got through a few more rounds of I was more familiar with the rules.
I will definitely be using Hail Caesar again as I really enjoyed it.


  1. Ooooh, looks so good. I've only played HC a few times, but enjoyed it as well - it works really well for multi-player, I've found. I can't wait to see these all based up. Going to look fantastic.

  2. Thanks Monkeyboy, that is one of my being at home jobs lol