Sunday, 29 April 2018

Raphia, the Latest

My work rotation and therefore my painting time is coming to an end for now, this is the final batch....

The final bases for the Seleucid Arabs, two javelin armed light foot units and one bow armed skirmish units.

Also something I should have done from the beginning, casualty or disorder markers.  These are just cut down figures based on foreign coins I had laying around.

The last unit of Egyptian Pike, these are the levied peasants of the Ptolomy kingdom.

This is unit number four, each unit has 48 figures so just 192 figures in these 'throw away' units.

All four units, side by side will make a great 'speed bump' for better quality opponents.

And these are the better quality opponents, the third and last 'Silver Shields' of the Seleucid elite pikemen.

So what is left.....
Ptolomy....5 Elephants and 1 Pike Phalanx
Seleucid....14 Elephants, 3 Pike Phalanx and 1 Unit of Thoraikai
And some Generals for each side.

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