Monday, 10 July 2017

Nine Years War Game

I managed to get a game in when I was home last, I keep saying to myself I need to game more often but work and real life just keep getting in the way!

Anyway, at a new wargames club, South Somerset Wargamers, a small but friendly bunch of guys who formed their own group a few years ago and meet in Ilchester, Somerset.

This is not a battle report just a collection of game pictures.  We played FoG Rennaissance, which to be fare is not my favorite set of rules but I had an enjoyable game and the guys in the group now and like the rule set.

So here's the pictures..........

Allies on the right French on the left

French cavalry coming over the hill

French cavalry on the right flank

Allied dragoons screening the cavalry advance

French infantry battle line

Allied center holding the village. Two regiments of Danes hold the village.  The buildings are actually 6mm, they are either Leven or Battlescene buildings.

The two infantry centers shoot it out

The Allied left flank advance

  The village, held by the Danes with the help of Huguenot French regiment on the road.         
 As I said the game was good fun to play and it gave me an opportunity to get my figures on the table but I think I prefer Black Powder/Pike and Shotte as unit shave to work as brigades which in my mind is more realistic.

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