Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Barbarian War Beast....Finished

The first Barbarian War Beast is finished.....just a reminder the beast is by Demonworld and the crew are Xyston Gauls, they are my  Barbarians!

Here the beast has been given a good coating of Army Painter Dark Tone.  I really love this stuff, I know when you first apply it and leave it to dry the models can look really dark and very shinny.  But once you spray on a Dull Coat or Matt Varnish, the colours really come out.  My only gripe is that I never get to finish a tin as it forms a solid skin over the top and goes very thick :-(

The following photos show the finished model.  I'm very happy with the results and think that once the other 3 are finished they will make a great center piece for the army!!

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