Monday, 27 June 2016

10mm Terrain

Why I spend a lot of time painting up figures I do neglect the table I was looking around for 10mm terrain and was a little shocked at the cost of 10mm terrain, even seemingly simple things like hedges and walls.
So I took some inspiration form Luke Fellows, he has a You Tube Channel Luke APS 
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So simple start, these are 'Art Sticks' from Hobby Craft, cost a couple of pounds and got about 100 of them.
I did try sealing them with watered down PVA hoping to prevent warping but it did not really work.  But the sticks are very easy to reshape flat if they do warp.

Applied a good coating of flock, a mix of different colours and sizes which I cant remember as it was mixed ages ago.

The hedging material, Clump Flock, dark, mid and light green and also a light green 'woodlands floor' I that is what it is called but its a little smaller than the others.

I did try using a hot glue gun to stick the flock to the bases but I did not get on with it.  So instead I just used a cheap superglue gel.  I then just dumped the mixed flock on and pressed it down.

The first six strips, you can't see it clearly but there are 'corner' pieces where the flock is angled off.  Ive also left a gap on one strip to allow access lol.

And here is a troops eye view!  These are 10mm League of Augsburg,  who can see and shoot over the hedge!

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