Monday, 4 May 2015

28mm Napoleonic Saxons

Well some of the guys at PAW bought a ton of 28mm Napoleonic at out show in February, to play Black Poewder with.  I liked the look and thought I would give it a go..

Here is my first attempt at doing a Victorix 28mm figure form start to finish.

I was surprised how well the figure went together.  I used liquid plastic cement as apposed to super glue, it was recommended by a friend.

I decided to do something a little different and paint the figures as Saxons.  

I painted the figure in my normal way, base coat, block paint and then Army Painter Dark Tone.  the only concession was the flesh, I used an orange brown with a highlight of light flesh, I think it worked ok with the AP Tone.

Whilst I did enjoy painting the figure I am not sold on the project, typically I have bought about 100 foot figures and 2 artillery pieces lol.  I do think I will be returning to my first idea of doing Russia 1812 using Pendraken 10mm.  I prefer the idea of lots of regiments and hundreds of figures.....I know I am a megalomaniac! LOL

League of Augsburg, more French Infantry

Another French infantry regiment, Regiment Le Reine.  These are from Pendraken's fantastic 10mm range which are just stunning!

Next up for this project will be Dutch Brandenburg Regiment and a Garde Francis for the French.
I still have about 8 foot regiments, 7 horse regiments and about 6 artillery pieces to finish this project.  That is over 400 foot figures alone! lol