Monday, 4 May 2015

28mm Napoleonic Saxons

Well some of the guys at PAW bought a ton of 28mm Napoleonic at out show in February, to play Black Poewder with.  I liked the look and thought I would give it a go..

Here is my first attempt at doing a Victorix 28mm figure form start to finish.

I was surprised how well the figure went together.  I used liquid plastic cement as apposed to super glue, it was recommended by a friend.

I decided to do something a little different and paint the figures as Saxons.  

I painted the figure in my normal way, base coat, block paint and then Army Painter Dark Tone.  the only concession was the flesh, I used an orange brown with a highlight of light flesh, I think it worked ok with the AP Tone.

Whilst I did enjoy painting the figure I am not sold on the project, typically I have bought about 100 foot figures and 2 artillery pieces lol.  I do think I will be returning to my first idea of doing Russia 1812 using Pendraken 10mm.  I prefer the idea of lots of regiments and hundreds of figures.....I know I am a megalomaniac! LOL

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