Monday, 26 November 2012

FoW Hungarian Artillerymen

A weekly(ish) update of what I have been doing whilst at work.  Completed 18 French Napoleonic Line Infantry, 12 Ancient Spanish foot and 20 Hungarian Artillerymen, below.

They are all a work in progress, as in no basing and in the Spanish case no finishing off with Army Painter.
I hope to get lots of figures done whilst I am away including 62 Hungarians, 102 Spanish and lots of French.  If I manage that I have some Dystopian Wars stuff to do as this space!

Below are some Hungarian's base painted black, and the dry brushed, simple but effective!

Monday, 19 November 2012

More French WIP

Ok I am away with work for the next few weeks which gives me plenty of time to paint figures!!
I have brought a various 

Below are some work in progress French line infantry for Al's on going commission.
French Line Infantry
 They are painted in my usual fashion, block painted and then was in GW Badad Black
 I'll post more pictures once I have based them.

Also on the painting table are FoW Hungarian artillery men for an other member of PAW, I've done 20 out of 64 so far.
For myself I am painting Spanish infantry for my Carthaginian Army in 15mm.  So faar I have just done the 12, only another 96 to go!  Good job I have over 4 weeks left here!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Thank You

Hi Viewers,

Thank you for looking at my meager offerings please feel free to leave comments and advise.



Dystopian Wars Scenery

Here are some of the very good Spartan Games' scenery sets.  Clive, from PAW, is making terrain boards for the club's show game.  Obviously the boards are a work in progress!

City Walls
The city walls above are from the Uncharted Seas range but work equally well in the Dystopian era.  The towers with the red tiled roofs are actually gun towers, the two on the right of the picture are the plain city wall tower.
In the background you can see the two of the industrial untis. 
Cathedral and urban areas
 Here are a few bases of the urban set. As you can see I have based them on 2mm MDF and used flock to create the tarmac roads.  Simple but effective I think.

The lighthouse in situ on a head land using it's warning light to guide the fleets into the bay.

Dystopian War Scenery

Here is a selection of Dystopian Wars scenery that I have painted for my collection and PAW, ready for the big game being held at PAW13, Plymouth 2nd and 3rd February 2013!
If you are about come and join in.

Firstly the Prussian Empire bunker an imposing model and a great miniature to paint, looks pretty solid and in game terms packs a great punch!!
Prussian Bunker

Here are two sets of the Industrial packs, one of mine and one belonging to PAW.  They are based on 2mm MDF which has just been sprayed black and the dry brushed dark grey to represent a tarmac/concrete setting.
Industrial Units

Factory Unit

Crane and small warehouse  

Large warehouse
 The Lighthouse is actually part of the 'Uncharted Seas' range but looks great in Dystopian and fits in very well, as does the 'City Walls and Tower' sets, pictures of them later on.
 Theses EotBS weapons towers belong to Al, a PAW member who I paint for.  As always lovely sculptured models and a pleasure to paint.
The towers come with a selection of four different weapons fits all of which enhance your game.
Empire of the Blazing Sun Weapons Towers

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Knights Hospitaller

Another commissioned unit for Mickey, PAW member.
A unit of 12 Knights Hospitallar for his Crusader army.
These guys were sprayed with a red primer and then block painted.  To bring out the detail and provide   a protective covering a coat of Army Painter Dark Tone was brushed on and then once dry the bases were given a spray coat of matt varnish.

French Imperial Guard

Two new units for my friend Alan's Napoleonic French, these are now being based for FoG Napoleonics, his rules of choice.
Not sure on the makers of the figures but they were nicely sculpted and very nice to paint.

Guard Chasseurs 
Guard Grenadiers

To paint these two units I have adapted my style very slightly.  They were both undercoated with a blue primer first, Humberol French Blue, they were then painted in the usual way and a coat of Games Workshop Black Wash added.