Friday, 9 November 2012

Dystopian Wars Scenery

Here are some of the very good Spartan Games' scenery sets.  Clive, from PAW, is making terrain boards for the club's show game.  Obviously the boards are a work in progress!

City Walls
The city walls above are from the Uncharted Seas range but work equally well in the Dystopian era.  The towers with the red tiled roofs are actually gun towers, the two on the right of the picture are the plain city wall tower.
In the background you can see the two of the industrial untis. 
Cathedral and urban areas
 Here are a few bases of the urban set. As you can see I have based them on 2mm MDF and used flock to create the tarmac roads.  Simple but effective I think.

The lighthouse in situ on a head land using it's warning light to guide the fleets into the bay.

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