Monday, 5 December 2011

Reinforcements For The Empire of the Blazing Sun

The latest addition to Allan Cox's(Plymouth Association of Wargamers) Dystopian Wars Fleet. Again a wonderful model from Spartan Games, very well detailed and molded model. A dream to paint.
I have also done some Destroyers and Escorts for Al's fleet, pictures to come...


  1. Thank you, I am fortunate that the models are well made and make drybrushing a relatively simple task.

  2. Hi,

    Very nice color scheme, wuold you likte to tell which colors did you use?

  3. Hi Jtay,

    Thanks, the scheme is quite simple.

    Hull- Silver Grey
    Superstructure- Green Grey
    Decking- Beige
    Fuel Tanks and Secondary Weapons- OIly Steel
    Trim- Carmine Red

    All paints are Vallejo and nice they are too.

    I use the dry brush style which I find quite fast and provides a nice effect.

    have you checked out the Dystopian Prussian models earlier in the blog.