Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hail Caesar Fantasy Dwarves

Ok Guys, bare with me as this will be the first time I have worked out stats and special abilities for fantasy units in Hail Caesar.
As promised I will post the pictures of the units and their 'provisional' stats on the blog. If you have any comments or think I have messed up in some way please do let me know. I have used special rules by 'Steve' and a points system from 'Keith', both of whom you will find regularly posting on the Hail Caesar Yahoo Group. Thanks guys.
This is one of the reasons I think Hail Caesar will be great for fantasy and just what I am looking for in a mass battle set of rules, can't wait for the 12'+ table full of 15mm fantasy!!!

Warriors with double handed weapons
Warriors DH Wpns
MoveClash Sust' Short Long Saves Stamina Specials Points
5 8 7 2/0 0 4+ 6 Double Handed Drilled Stubbon 41

Move Clash Sust' Short Long Saves Stamina Specials Points
5 3 3 2 2 6+ 4 Crossbow Skirmishers 18
Small Unit

The Hellbore
It is treated as Light Artillery in all respects except that it has the ability to fire in any direction. Makes sense really!

Move Clash Sust' Short Long Saves Stamina Specials Points
5 1 1 2 2 6+ 3 Light Artillery Fire in any direction 15


Now the Blunderbuss unit represents the pinnacle of Dwarf firearms. They are a foot unit, with weapons that have the range of Light Artillery and marksman behind the trigger!! They could be lethal!

Move Clash Sust' Short Long Saves Stamina Specials Points
5 2 2 3 3 6+ 3 Small Unit Marksman Light Artillery Ranges 22


  1. ware are these guys from? I have been working on a dwarf army, and would like to add some of these to it.


  2. They look great. They're the Demonworld range aren't they? You'll be able to buy them from Ral Parther Europe soon.

    Wish I could agree with your comment about HC but as it's from the stable of Warmaster (whose rules I don't like) I don't think HC is going to be much better. It's the command and control rules - they're far too random and allow for sweeping movement across the table for one side and almost nothing for another. Something I'm not that much in favour in, but if you like it then that's great for you.

  3. Yes Demonworld and they are really nice figures, as you would expect. They will be released by Ral Patha Europe some time in the future, apparently their next army will be the Elves.

    I will be posting more.

  4. Really nice armies, the Demonworld stuff is great. Im just getting into HC myself, in 15mm.

    The Fantasy stuff is great, very tempting.

    Nice blog by the way.