Tuesday, 29 December 2015

15mm Black Powder Napoleonics

Here are some commission pieces for a fellow club member.  Black Powder Napoleonics in 15mm, by far the best scale to use!
All the figures are Old Glory, I really do like their range and you get a bit of variety in each pack

Above are two pictures of the 'Black Brunswickers'.  These are painted for the 1815 campaign.  They are not as dark in real life as they look in the pictures.

French Line Lancers, these are based in pairs as light cavalry (a local convention at our club).  It does give a very quick way of telling the difference between lights and heavies.

And finally a large regiment of Chasseurs a Cheval de la Garde.  I thought I would make theses a large unit to give them more presence on the field.

There are a few other units that I have done in this commission but no pictures yet.  My own Napoleonic collection is the allies of the Grande Armee'.  I chose this mixed bag to give me plenty of choice both with gaming and painting!  I have completed the Baden contingent of 6 infantry battalions, 1 jager battalion, 1 cavalry regiment and 2 foot batteries, a total of 156 infantry, 8 cavalry and 2 guns and crew.  I'll post some pictures once the basing is complete.

The next major contingent will be the Westphalians......