Sunday, 26 April 2015

Here is a selection of the Battlefront FOW US Infantry that I painted for one of the guys at PAW.  
I used the same painting method as the Russians, coloured primer, this time Army Painter Army Green, then paint the details.  Once dry I simply applied a coat of Army Painter Dark Tone....the final coat is a spray matt varnish.  I spray the varnish on once the basing is complete as it helps hold everything together.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

League of Augsburg

 Here is the French Regiment Vermandois, they are in the standard light grey uniform with a little bit of colour.
After my last painting purge I realized I needed more French foot, so I will be painting them up 2 to 1 units in favour of the French over the allies.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

FOW US Infantry WIP

A WIP pic of the US Infantry commission, just over 100 figures awaiting shading dip and then the base work!

More to come.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


After my rotation at home I back at work in my basement and back on the painting conveyor belt.  Whilst I was home I picked up two more commissions a FOG Kyreane Greek Army and a load of US infantry for FOW.

For my own collection I bought more metal, like I needed more!  Loads of 10mm the remainder of my LoA armies and the start of my Seven Years War armies.  The LoA and the Austrian SYW army were bought from Pendraken, as usual a fantastic service from Leon.  Got everything I wanted, which was great because I never buy by the pack by request exact number of figures.  I know this is a pain by Leon is very helpful!

I did also picked up a large selection of SYW Pendraken from Stuart who runs Colonel Bills.  He is a great guy who I have met on several occasions at the PAW show and he has a wonderful selection of pre loved minis for sale, I highly recommend him! 

Obviously I will post pictures as I paint...