Monday, 17 December 2012

Dystopian Terrain

More scenery for the Dystopian table.  The docks and city walls.  the docks belong to the club and I did those as part of the PAW Open Day project.

 Again great minis from Spartan Games but not quite there usual standard, some of the 'wooden' jetties where warped and do not sit flat but they look great.

 The city wall set, this time with guns.  Although belonging to the Uncharted Seas range they fit in great with Dystopian. 
 The thought is with these and the others is to form a fortified harbor for the fleets to operate out off.
The gate looks great!  the 'wave' emblem just cries out harbor!


Here are the squadrons so that the Luftwaffer will rule the sky, along with the airships!

The very colourful ones will make up the flying circus to go with the red airships.
The white fliers are the scouts, we need to see what is out there!

This should make about 10 or 12 squadrons.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Reinforcements for the Emperor!

Ok this post is self explanatory here are 7 airships for the might Prussian Empire.

More air power for the Prussian Empire
 That brings my Airship Fleet up to 2xSky Fortresses, 3 Gewittewolke Bombers and 6 Pflicht Scoutships.

A home for the Red Baron's Flying Circus.....

Just look at the firepower!

Soon to be finished will be 7 Tiny Flyer squadrons (5 bases each) and 3 Tiny Flyer Scout bases.  That will bring the Luftwaffer up to about 11 Squadrons.....The Emperor will rule the sky!!!