Tuesday 26 October 2021

Kings Of War in 15mm

 In August my 10 year old son and I played our first game of Kings of War.  I kept it simple, I'm new to the rules as well, so no magic, no objectives just a stand up battle.

We played Kingdom of Men(Empire) against Orcs.  It was quite a large battle, several thousand points and lots of figures on the table, we both love the sight of large armies...

Obviously mistakes were made, rules forgotten but as an introduction game we really enjoyed it and my son wanted to keep going, even though my Orcs were decimating his feeble humans lol

So the pictures.....

The mighty Orc hordes stretch as far as the eye can see!

The mammoths counted as non flying Krudgers

Line breaker trolls, very useful

The Empire army, colourful, proud and stubborn but mostly destroyed by the end lol 

The heart of the Empire forces, the pike blocks

Shot troops supported by halberdiers and double handed swordsmen.

The proud Empire General

The line breakers surge forward to make holes in the Empire line.

They took some damage on the way in from the handgunners...but regeneration is a great thing! 

The Krudgers hit the empire line, casualties all around.

The only mounted elements of the Orc horde meet Empire mounted shot....they didn't like it.

The Trolls continue their advance into the center of the Empire line.

Empire mounted shot get a little too close to the Trolls and paid the price in the next round.

Pike in the flank....I'll let you guess the rest.

Empire pike and swordsmen.

Orc regiment hits an Empire giant.

The Empire 'dead'

The Orc 'dead'

Overall it was a good fun game, as I said my son just wanted to keep playing.  Whish for me was a very good thing as living in southern Portugal wargaming opponents are few and far between!

We will play again, when I'm home next and I will re-read the rules not that much more will stick but thats just the way my mind works.

The Orcs are all Battle Valor, great figures.  The Empire are Blue Moon Italian Wars, some Old Glory and the giants are old Marauder, yes they are that old, Empire Trolls.


  1. This looks excellent! Great to see 15mm fantasy done so well. I have an Empire-themed army in this scale too :)

    1. Have a look at Forest Dragon 3D prints! They are stunning I am building an undead and not nurgle army with them

  2. Lego chatbots are BOMB!