Wednesday 16 September 2009

Nugle Horde

9 Stands worth of Nurgle Plauge Bearers to act as minor deamons from the summond deamon pool.  They make a great addition to my Death Guard Space Marines.

World Eater Khorne 

A band of small deamons, of Khorne Warhounds if you like.
These are nice models quick to paint and look the beastie buisness.

World Eater Khorne Army

The second Bazerker detachment, this one will be led by a Deamon Prince, hence only 7 stands.  I have a selection of Deamon Prince models at hoem and will find a suitable one later.

Nice gold face masks for the Princes Detachment
World Eater Khorne Detachment

My first World Eater unit of 8 stands including Champion, Standard and Icon.  I will have atleast 3 of these in the World Eater Army one of which will accompany the Deamon Prince.

The basing may look simple but my Epic armies fight for control of a desert plannet.

Below are the World Eater standard bearer and the Icon bearer, just to add some boost to my Bazerker Detachment