Monday 28 June 2021

6mm War of Spanish Succession Bavarians

 As you know or could easily work out form this blog I am easily distracted.

I posted some work in progress pictures last year and thought I would post what I have completed so far.

Baccus figures, they are just lovely! Based in battalions for infantry and two/three squadrons for cavalry on 80mm x 40mm bases. 
The single based cavalry unit represents a single squadron, the Guards I think?

15mm Fantasy-The Empire of Men

 So here are the largest contingent that I have done for my fantasy collection.  I was fortunate to buy a very large job lot of Blue Moon Italian Wars figures, some figures painted but most unpainted.  I already have a large amount of painted Landsknechts and Gendarmes so I was able to use the excess to fill up the ranks of my fantasy Empire armies.  I have used livery and standards from the Warhammer Empire world really love the way they look.

Here are a few of pictures......

Handgunners, painted as Nuln and double handed swords in the background, Altdorf I think?

Another view of the double handed swordsmen, some halberdiers and a unit of Sterland light horse, think Border Horse.

Two units of pikes on their painting sticks.  Not quite sure which city state they represent, I think Reichland?

Mounted Reichsguard knichts

A pike block with doublehanded swordsmen and halberdiers to the fore.

Some commanding nobles.

Reichland pike?

I really like the look of these miniatures and they army as a whole.  I will try and do a completed picture once I get home.

Saturday 26 June 2021

15mm Fantasy-Stygian Grand Mage on Beast

Finally gave this previously painted beast so crew...

It was made to represent the Grand Mage of the Stygian Empire giving him mobility and protection of the field of battle and generally look awesome! 

The beast is a Games Workshop triceratops and the figures are a mix from my spares box.


15mm Fantasy-Battle Valor Ocr Tribe Complete

I completed the early posted Battle Valor Orc Tribe to join my 15mm fantasy collection.  These figures are great and paint up really well look great en-mass.

They are on the larger size and are quite bulky but they fit in with my image of the varied tribes that make up the race of Orcs.....and as they have woolly mammoths I cold imagine these being from the northern reaches of the world.

Anyway here they are...........................

The whole tribe, lots of hefty orc warriors on foot and some great individuals.

The orc warriors have some help from their friends, the trolls.

A little bit of shooty support.  Not that the orcs favour this form or war as it is not orcy enough to kill your enemy from afar!

The heavies.....a few units of trolls to smash the foes to pieces.

Mammoths and crushers, the only mounted elements of the tribe.

Big Boss and war leaders....

This is just one of the many Orc or Goblin tribes that form my hordes.



 So it is half way through 2021 and there has not been much activity on my blog.....sorry😔

However I have been busy on the painting table.  The main reason for not posting is that I have changed what I do where.  So I do all the painting at work(I work in a country far far away from where I live) and then do the basing when I get home.  This change came about after a fully painted and based batch of figure suffered some damage in transit, so I needed to change things up.  The problem is my time at home, family time is limited so trying to do everything is difficult but I will make more of an effort...

The following posts are some work in progress pictures and some ideas of what I am doing with my hobby.