Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Napoleonic Light Troops (WIP)

Firstly sorry for the bad pictures I took them on my IPhone.
These are WIP pictures of French light troops and casualty markers.
They were all done in my usual style, sprayed white, block painted and washed with GW Badad Black.  I then highlight the white bits and other light colours just to bring them out a little.
I think they are all AB figures.

Spanish Light Foots (WIP)

Here we have 64 Spanish light foot block painted and ready for the Army Painter 'Dark Shade'  
This will give me 32 FOG elements and that's 12 units in both FOG and Hail Caesar. 

64 Spanish Light Foot
 Whilst these have been done for my Late Carthaginian Army I hope to paint up enough Spanish to make a stand alone army.
 These figures are all Corvus Bellie.  The Late Carthaginian army will be made of figures from this range as I prefer, if possible not to mix ranges in my armies.  I know but just my thing. 
All 'block' painted ready for the Army Painter Dark Shade

Friday, 21 September 2012

Where Next?

Ok I have been looking at my wargaming hobby and what and where I go next.
I have come to a decision, no new 15mm projects.

So what do I have on the go.......15mm

Late Carthaginian using Corvus Belle Figures

Macedonian/Seleucid using Xyston

Late Achamenid Persian using Xyston

AVBCW using Peter Pig

Now for the new projects...
10mm War of Spanish Succession 
10mm Wars of the Roses
10mm ACW

However and there is always an however...I do like 6mm
6mm Napoleonic Russian 1812
6mm Wars of the Roses (instead of 10mm lol)

So as you can see I am a busy little boy...oh and Dystopian Wars Prussian Empire!

And not to forgetting my continuing painting commissions from PAW club members.

So what am I getting rid of, A LOT!!
15mm WW2 Russians (a large collection!)
Epic Chaos Space Marines
28mm GW War Of The Rings (Orcs and Goblins)

If you want to know details just drop me a line.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Dystopian Wars Prussian's Heavy Hitter

The biggest hitter in the Prussian High Seas Fleet a dreadnought by the name of                                KMS Frederick The Great

KMS Frederick The Great

The KMS Frederick The Great brings the largest amount of firepower of any ship in the High Seas Fleet and will be a nobel Flag Ship for the High Admiral 

Prussian Empire Reinforcements

The latest addition to his Imperial Majesties Prussian High Seas Fleet.....a Rhine Class Carrier,        KMS BERLIN

Rhine Class Carrier KMS BERLIN

Rhine Class Carrier KMS BERLIN

Rhine Class Carrier KMS BERLIN
The KMS BERLIN brings firepower and it's own air wing to add a hard punch to High Seas Fleet

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Saladin's Army

These bases were a commission from one of my wargames' club memebers, Mick.  They came to me heavily but poorly painted so had to be stripped first.  I used 'Nitromorse' paint stripper.  It worked ok but took two dips and a little scrubbing.

Arab Light Horse
 Once stripped I used my new preferred method for painting ancients.

1. Spray white
2. Block paint
3. Coat with Army Painter 'Dark Tone' 

Whilst it will never produce award winning miniatures it is relatively quick compared to my normal dry brushing method and I think it produces a lovely gaming standard finish.

Mick was very pleased with the results and told me he had another 12 bases more to follow me thinks ;-) 

Hail Caesar Fantasy

OK these Dwarf units were painted a while back and have actually seen the field of battle and won! But I have not posted the pictures up until now.

They are based on 80cm x 30cm between 10 and 14 figures per base, two bases make a 'standard' unit.  

Once flocked I need to find some Dwarf transfers for the standards, hopefully Ral Patha will release them soon.

Dwarf Warrior Unit

Dwarf Warrior Unit

Dwarf Hearth Guard

Dwarf Warrior Unit with 2HW

Dwarf Aquebuse 

Dwarf 'Construct' with miniature to show scale


I have been really slack with updating this blog, no excuses just not got around to it.

I have a few photos to add and will update soon.

As you can see from my painting totals I have still been busy!