Sunday 26 July 2020

15mm Fantasy Part 4-Giants

These guys will be instantly recognizable as Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Trolls, however in the 15mm Old World they are Giants, BIG giants.

They are based on 80mm x 80mm bases and in the Shadow Storm, Hail Caesar fantasy adaptation these will be Large Monsters and they are monstrous.

Not sure of their alignment, evil deffinately but will they support orcs or goblins or may be barbarians, even the Stygian Empire...

15mm Fantasy Part 3-Northmen

I have had a large bag of Blood Moon Dwarf Bear and Goat riders gathering dust in my lead pile for ages.

Now these figures are BIG, way too big to be Dwarves, so I am calling them Northmen, Big Northmen.  

In the Old World that I fight over they will be from a northern country close to the territories occupied by the Mammoth tribe which I painted up last year.

The Bear Riders...

Stocky, gray bearded Northmen riding fierce war bears.  Very hard hitting heavy cavalry or bestial cavalry in which the bears will quite happily take a swipe at you as their riders distract you.

The Goat riders are in the pipeline, painting is complete just the basing(I hate basing) to finish.

15mm Fantasy Part 2-Empire Troops

Human realm giants, cavalry and infantry....Fight for the Emperor! 

A lower noble's light horse lance, think Border Horse and a collection of Imperial Giants. 

Whilst the Imperial Giants may not be as big as other giants that roam the Old World they have they advantage of be a little more disciplined and they have pretty coloured clothes!

The cannon armed giant will count as a light artillery piece, so a nice bit of very mobile support.

Three units of Stirland halberds. 

Whilst most of my Empire troops are in the flamboyant landsknechts style, Stirland is considered a poorer State so I decided to represent them with Swiss troops rather than landsknechts.

15mm Fantasy Progress Part 1-Deamons

So back at work, back painting and back in the mood for some fantasy army building.

Firstly more bases for my Deamon army.

Just three more bases of Plauge daemon infantry, nasty poison spitting, plague spreaders and two bases of Flamers, very nasty at close range the vitriol, burning breath ignore cover and sticks lick napalm.

Monday 6 July 2020

Battle of Raphia 15mm

Over a few years I have been collecting and painting Xyston 15mm figures to represent the armies of Ptolemy and Seleucid.  This project is just about finished, painting wise with the last batch of elephants to complete.
However the enforced period at home, due to no international flights gave me an opportunity to do the basing of these armies.
These, not so great pictures will give you an idea of how they have come out.
I intended to do a 'parade' of the armies laid out for battle, but that will have to wait until I am home next.  
Enjoy the eye candy.

 Ptolmey's elephants

 Ptolmey's Generals and cavalry

 Seleucid Generals 

Greek mercenaries and Asiatic troops

Greek skirmishers



Greek light horse, Hellenistic Thracian's in this case 


Greek skirmishers

 Greek mercenaries

Ptolemy's Basakil and 'Peltats' long spear and pike armed elites 

Seleucid Pike

I promise better photos and the correct descriptions off of the army lists once I get home

Saturday 4 July 2020

Konflict47 in 15MM

Now this was the main painting focus whilst I was stranded at home.....

Most of you will be used to seeing Warlord Games Konflict47 in 28mm with BIG vehicles and walkers, may be one of each on a table.  But and a small, big BUT when Clockwork Goblin originally did the models for this game they were produced in 15mm.  

For me personally 15mm makes much sense.  On a 6x4 or 8x4 or even, hopefully a 8x6 you get much more room to maneuver, the ranges look and feel better and you can have more of your nicely painted collection on the table.

The main issue with 15mm is finding the models!  I was very lucky and a year or so ago I manged to pick up quite a few on EBay, they were not cheap but I just wanted them (a fool and his money are easily parted, could be a motto for wargamers).  I got quite a lot of German stuff and a little bit of American.  

I also found that Forged in Battle do additions to their WW2 range called '46' were they have produced some very nice experimental and 'off plan' tanks and armoured vehicles, mainly for the Germans. 

So now the pictures....

 The Kampfgruppe so far

 A pair of Zeus

 A quartet of Thors

 A triplet of Spiders 

Some captured and reused US Coyotes

 A Maus super tank armed with a massive 12.8mm main gun and 7.5mm co-axial 

 E100 super tank sporting the twin 88mm guns which could be Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft or just nasty artillery

 The E100 with the awesome 150mm gun!

Three E50's the future of the Further's medium panzer forces.  These are armed with the deadly 88mm gun

 Now some conventional stuff, 7.5mm Anti-Tank guns

 Some Schimmwagens to transport the tank killer teams around.

 Power armoured infantry, literally panzer grenadiers

That is what is painted and ready to go.  now I am back at work I have found another 2 Zeus and 3 Thors to add to the kampgruppe.  I also have a companies worth of late war infantry, a lot armed with Panzerfaust and StG44, along with support weapons.  Oh and 48 Zombies!
Future purchases will probably be 8 Katzchen APCs from Forged in Battle and Flak Panther Coelion.

Now if I see anymore Clockwork Goblin minis out there I will buy them.  There are rumors on Facebook that Goblin may be re-releasing the range in 15mm.  Apparently this was being spoken about prior the global virus, so let us hope that they do not forget about it.