Monday 25 March 2019

15mm Raphia Project

Oh look more elephants.......I will be repeating that statement often over the next few weeks!

More Hellenistic elephants for the Seleucid forces.....

Colourful butch arn't they!!

Sunday 24 March 2019

15mm Russia 1812, again....

The first new regiment for a long stalled(over a year) Napoleon's invasion of Russian.
This is the Neapolitan 7th(Royal African) Regiment.

Obviously the troops from Naples were reputed to be the worst in the Grande Armee but I don't mind fielding them.

These figure were bought from a good friend of mine, Mike at Stonewall Figures in Cornwall.  He sells them at a great price and they come in pre-painted regimental bags.  All I have done is touch them up to fit in with my collection and given them a coat of Army Painter Dark Tone.

15mm Marian Roman Commission

The final batch of the Roman commission has been delivered and I have started to apply the pigment.  The only thing that needs to be bought is a small Roman marching fort to act as baggage.
The first additional elements are another unit of Roman cavalry, two units thorakai mercenaries and a unit of Illyrian skirmishers.

These are obviously based for FOG and are all Essex figures

15mm Raphia Project

Yes the project has been going on for some time and yet again I say it's nearly more cavalry unit and another 14 elephants.

But here are 4 elephants to add to the appropriate stables......
The first two elephants are going to the Seleucid army.  They are actually listed as Hellenistic Elephants but I feel will fit in well the army and offer a little variety.  Also I can use them for other Successor armies...

These are Ptolemaic, actually Xyston Carthaginian elephants with a Greek crew, but as they feel and look right, I'm more than happy.  

These miniatures look shinny in the pictures but are actually matt in real life.

Sunday 17 March 2019

Wierd World War...War Without End

I manged to buy, on EBay, some long out of production Clockwork Goblin 15mm War Without End, a weird world war genre which became the 28mm Konflict '47.

I have quite a few German walkers and a few of the infantry along with a small amount of US walkers and infantry. (I am always on the lookout for more if any of my readers have a hidden unwanted stock lol ;-)).  I will be adding later war conventional forces as well.

Here are some test pieces for the German heavy infantry, as you can see they are heavily armed with MG43s as their standard weapons.

Wednesday 13 March 2019

15mm Kings of War

Only my second venture in the world of Kings of War, I like the look of it from the start but was a little unsure.

The first time I played, both of us were novices and made lots of mistakes that ruined the game for me.  Fast forward a couple of years and Tim, a very experienced KoW player at PAW run me through a 3000 point encounter battle between Orcs and Goblins(me) verses Dwarf(Tim).

Well we played to completion in just over 3 hours and I really enjoyed it!  More so because I won lol

Lots of pictures follow.....the Dwarves are all Demonworld and the Orcs and Goblins are a mix of Demonworld and Blood Dawn

I love this model....i have 4 of them ;-)

Dwarf tank

Berserkers take on trolls, the regeneration of trolls is a great thing!

Stubborn Dwarves

Heavy boar riders

Behold the awesomeness of the giant arachnid

Orc Lord on war mount

Blood Dawn Orcs, Greataxes (Black Orcs in my world) clash with Dwarf warriors

More Greataxes

Definitely an enjoyable game and I will definitely play again.
The game has also spurred me on to add to my fantasy collection and re-base what needs it.

10mm League of Augsburg, Part 2

I found some extra photos of the last battle in the previous post...

Another French infantry brigade

Danish cavalry

French artillery line the hedgrow

Dutch foot guards in a corn field watching the on coming French cavalry

10mm League of Augsburg

The last game using the League of Augsburg forces was fought whilst home.  I did not take part but 'umpired' instead as we had 4 players plus me.  We used our 'go to' set of Warlord's Pike and Shotte.

The game pitted an Allied army who had to try and take the town and drive off the French, they failed!

The guys who actually rolled the dice and moved the figures appeared to have a good time and the rules played very well.

Now the eye candy

French infantry brigade

Dutch cavalry brigade, including the horse guards(light hats) and Swedes in Dutch service, in the foreground.

The Wild Geese...Irish brigade in French service.

French cavalry brigade

The French holding the village, dragoons on the right and Guarde Swisse in the foreground.

The figures are the fantastic Pendraken range and the buildings are pre painted 6mm Russian style that I bought off of EBay