Friday 29 December 2017

Ptolomy Egyptian Pike

Another 'phalanx' of Egyptian pike, levy recruits brought in to serve the Ptolomy.  This one is 3 of 4 units of 48 figures, they will look impressive on the table.

Again the Xyston figures are a mixture of Greek light foot and unarmoured hoplites.

Tuesday 26 December 2017

XMas Raphia Update

So working away over Christmas, missing the family but got plenty of time to continue to paint my Raphia project.
Seleucid reinforcements in this batch.

Seleucid Generals and standard bearers.

Seleucid pikemen, one of 9 pike units in the Seleucid army.

Heavy Cavalry with lance, the strike force of the army.

A second unit of Hessallenic Thracians acting as the Thorakitai.
 I do like these figures.

The first unit of Arab javelinmen.  The figures are actually Xystom Maccabean foot but they fit in very well

The painting continues and by years end I will total up what I have painted for the project so far.

Sunday 24 December 2017

Raphia Project Update

The first batch of this rotations painting.  I do not plan what i will paint and when I just use a 'lucky dip' method.  Everything for the project goes in a box, in unit bags, and I choose a bag blind and paint what ends up in my hand.

First up was a batch of Selecuid mounted generals, these 7 figures will make 3 command bases.

These guys are Hellenistic Thracians equipped with thearos and long spear.
 I will be using these to represent the Selecuid Thorakitai.  I know they should have chainmail armour but Xyston do  not make that figure yet.  So until they do these guys will do.

The first of many elephants, this is for the Ptolomy army as it is an African elephant.
 This model is actually a Carthaginian elephant, from Xyston as usual, which I picked up in the North Star Xyston sell off.  All I have done is replace the hadow crew with more suitable figures.
I thought I needed 7 Ptolomy elephants and I manged to buy 6 in the sale, however it was pointed out to me that an elephant base is standard 80mm frontage and I could have two elephants per base. So me being me I know need 14 Ptolomy elephants and 20 Seleucid, who could resist the sight of 34 elephants on wargame's table :-)

Tuesday 31 October 2017

Raphia-The Numbers

So I did a little number crunching on how many figures my Raphia project will end up swallowing.
This was prompted by a large order I sent to North Star Military Figures as they had a great sale on Xyston figures, thanks Neil.

So the numbers....

21 Mounted Command
10 Foot Command
10 Elephants
64 Horse
594 Foot

17 Mounted Command
10 Foot Command
7 Elephants
52 Horse
648 Foot

All in 15mm Xyston that is a small project to be getting on with.
Over the past 3 weeks I have painted 160 foot and 14 horse to add to the painted forces I have at home.
Although I am basing the figures once home I am not doing the sanding/flocking until they are all ready, oh I HATE basing!!

Raphia-Selecuid Thureophoroi

This is the last unit of Daae/Carmanian/Cilician Thureophoroi who were led by Byttacus of Macedon.  
There were three units under his command.

These are all Xyston....

Raphia-Selecuid Thracian Light Horse

More work in  progress of my epic aim to build both armies of the Battle of Raphia.

These are two units of Thracian light horse, although the lists I have make no reference to the light horse being Thracian, they do have Thracian foot so why not.....

I have given these the reported black/dark cloaks that they were said to wear in the later periods.

Saturday 28 October 2017

Raphia-Seleucid Hetairoi Companion Cavalry

  Companion style cavalry for the Seleucid army.  

I really do like Xyston miniatures, even though you have to drill the hands.  They paint up very well and look very nice, in my opinion, even with my basic painting style.

Raphia-Ptolemy 'Peltasts'

These troops are believed to be 'light phalangitai' with long spear and peltasts shields, hence their title.  They did however fight as heavy foot in a hoplite style, hence my figure choice.
There were two units of these commanded by Socrates the Boetian.

Raphia-Machimoi Phalangitai, 'Egyptian Levies'

A second unit of these painted, they are described as Egyptian Levies, made of of local malitia and conscripts.  I have used poorly equipped figures without armour and few helmets.
These will be represented by an extra large/deep unit of 48 figures.
As usual Xyston miniatures


Saturday 21 October 2017

Raphia-Selucid Phalangites

Another taxis of pike for the Selcuid side, 1 of 9 taxis for that faction.  So at 32 figures each a nice total of 288 is a good sized project!

Xyston figures with steel pikes, so a veritable pin cushion so be careful where you place your hands lol

Raphia, Selcuid Thureophoroi

The latest additions painted and ready to be based.
These are two of the three units of Thureophorai who where led by Byttacus of Macedon during the battle.
As always the figures are Xyston, while they are lovely figures and great to paint they are on the large side compared with the rest of the Macedonian/Greek ranges.

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Ptolemy GrecoEgyptian Cavalry

A unit of heavy Ptolemy cavalry, Egyptian horse in Greek style, armed with lance.
I do love the Imputvs basing system, good looking units without tons of figures!

As always Xyston miniatures.

10mm 7 Years War

More additions to the Seven Year War project, two Reichsarmee units and two Hanovarian units for the Allied Pragmatic Army.

As with the previous Russians I have manged to find and print up some free flags off the Interweb!

 Two Reichsarmee and Two Hanovarian Units

Hanovarian 11B de le Chevallerie
 Hanoverian Combined Grenadiers.  Hanoverian foot regiments had only a small company of grenadiers each.  So this combined regiment is made up of four separate detachments from regiments 3A Knesdenberg, 6A Hardenberg, 10A Post and 13A Halberstadt.
 Reichsarmee combined grenadiers from Kurmainz and Mainz Krisregiments.

Hesse-Damdstadt Leib Garde Grenadiers

10mm 7 Years War Russians

The latest batch of my 7YW Russian project.
One regiment of Horse Grenadiers and three foot regiments.

 Regiment Shirvanskiy

 Regiment Suzdalskiy

Regiment Neshebugskiy

Horse Grenadiers St Petersburgskiy

15mm Fantasy Barbarians

I had these models laying around so thought I'd finish them off.
These are for my fantasy Barbarian army, in Kings of War terms Large Cavalry.  I just think they are bad ass lol!

Xyston Gauls on plastic toy dinosaurs, I just love them!