Sunday 8 January 2017


The new year is here, I am back in my office in a country far away from home and I am back to painting!
2016 was quite a productive year with 2243 miniatures of various sizes and types painted, based and ready for the table.

I only manged to compete one project and that was one I had not even planned to do, the OpFor for the Hammer's Slammers, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Company but I expected no less.....

The league of Augsburg forces were nearly finished, I have a couple more allied and French regiments to do but I have been seduced by the pretty uniforms of the Spanish and am adding a small Spanish force for the allies, I suppose I will have to balance them up with more French now!

My Austrian army for the Seven Years War are also in the last phase with a few more foot and horse regiments to paint.

So 2017, what shall I do?  
1. Finish League of Augsburg(the bare lead I have already anyway)
2. Finish the Austrians for 7YW
3. Russians next for 7YW
4. Finish the ancient Spanish for the Punic Wars
5. Finish the ancient Gauls for the Punic Wars
6. Continue to grow my 15mm Fantasy collection (it is obvious that I love this genre and the project will never be finished, the figure makers keep coming out with new and better things! lol)
7. Add to my Macedonian Wars Persians, just because I have the bare metal available
8. Add to the Macedonian Wars Macedonians and Greeks, as I have the metal to do so

As you can see not much to be getting on with but I'll try and not get lead astray by other new shiny projects.....although I do have a massive pile of War of the Roses Peter Pig figures that I would love to get some paint on....Oh No!!! I've started already this space.