Friday, 28 September 2018

Punic Wars Project-Gallic Cavalry

Gallic cavalry to boost the ranks of the anti Roman alliance.
War and Empire figures, really nice and fun to paint.

This project will amount to at least 5 separate armies, I already have a completed Numidian one, although they need day.

And the South marches on.....15mm ACW Confederates

Another batch of Old Glory 15mm ACW Confederates, march attack in greatcoats....I really like these figures.

The Fire and Fury bases have been ordered so I will hopefully be putting them all together when I get home

Thursday, 27 September 2018

War of Spanish Succession Battle of Ramillies

Another, 'non project' and something I have wanted to do for quite some time.  Originally I had planned to use Pendraken miniatures but van Dyck figures ( have started to release a new range of WSS figures.  So I picked up a couple of bags of basic infantry, suitable for French and Spanish and gave them a test paint.

These representing the Spanish Regiment Zuniga, from Brigade Zuniga, Divison Birkenfeld.

I did not have time to pick up the command packs before I came to work so I will buy these once home.

The figures themselves are very nicely cast, no flash and very simple to paint, which suits my style.

I look forward to expanding the collection as van Dyck expand the range.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

WW2 Commission

When I have so my much of my own to paint and complete why do friends give me commissions to do for them!  But I am too nice and never say no.

These are Battlefront WW2 British Paratroopers, they are actually a repaint as my friend bought them as a part painted project.

I must admit I did enjoy painting these figures and am quite pleased with how they turned out.

The pictures are not the best, the figures are not as dark as they look.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

A Game-Seven Years War with Black Powder

Whilst home from work I managed to get a game in, yes an unusual occurrence but a very enjoyable one.

Having never been used my 10mm Seven Years Austrians, me and Russians, Clive needed to see the light of day.  I did not quite have enough Russians so they were ably assisted by the Reichesarmee, although they were treated as Russians.  No army lists were used, we just made up brigades with what I had and put them on the table.

I'm sorry about the quality of the pictures I took them on my IPad.

Austrian right wing, a brigade of hussars and cuirassier with an infantry brigade advancing to the front.

The Austrian line, four brigades of cavalry and four of infantry.

The Russian left flank, a large brigade of Cossacks, who proved to be quite useless so may need to adjust their stats.  Inside them are a brigade of hussars and a brigade of cuirassier.  Unfortunately for Clive he never managed to get the hussars and cuirassier into combat.

A closer look at the Austrian right wing, hussars and cuirassier in all their glory.  The hussars managed to destroy the Cossack brigade for the loss of one regiment.

Austrian infantry brigade

The Austrian left, a brigade of Cuirassie and a brigade of Grenze

The Russian right, opposing the cuirassier and Grenze are two brigades of Russian cuirassier and a three gun 'grand battery' on the hill.

In the center an Austrian Dragoon brigade of three dragoon regiments and a combined Horse Grenadier regiment.  These saw a lot of action against Russian infantry and suffered 50% casualties.

An over-view of the center, the infantry are a brigade of Hungarians who advanced smartly towards the Russians and then blundered and marched all the way back to their own table edge.

Infantry clash on the Austrian right.  The walled field is held by Hanoverian and Reichsarmee regiments.  The 'skull' casualty markers are made by Charlie Foxtrot.

The center of the table, a village with an important road junction in it is held by the Russians and they never lost it!  They were helped by the stonewalls were fronted by.   The buildings are 6mm scale but look correct for 10mm.

the ineffective Hungarians.....

The Russian line in action, they had a strong defensive position which proved too much for the Austrians. 

We called the game after about 3 hours and could not play it to a conclusion.  We made numerous errors with the rules, being novices but really enjoyed it.  

The unit stats were taken from a couple of sources and need a little adjusting, Cossacks need to be a little stronger.  

Soon I will have a Prussian army to take the field.

10mm is a wonderful scale to play in, you really get the mass effect with a very good amount of individual detail.
The Black Powder, Pike and Shotte and Hail Caesar are my go to sets, at the minutes and are fun to play.

Now back at work and back to my painting routine...updates will follow.