Tuesday 16 March 2010

15mm Macedonian

Just to prove how diverse and easily distracted I am when it comes to wargaming here are some of my ancient Macedonians, I have more at home that I will photo in due course.

Some Greek skirmishers.

These are Xyston figures, which are probably the best 15mm figures on the market. The sheilds have Little Big Man transfers, great things!!

WSS Imperial in 10mm

Here is another 'distraction', I like these 10mm figures from Pendaken. Initially I was going to build and army for Principles of War, 40mm x 20mm but not sure now as they also look good on Polomos bases 60mm x 30mm as an alternative to doing Polomos with 6mm.

I have seen this an another blog and it appeals but I would have to get the guys at the club to learn a new set of rules.............

Both set of rules offer a good method for linear warfare of the Lace War period, so we shall see?

My first attempt at painting 10mm and am quite happy with them. This unit is a 40 figure unit, it would be 30 figures in PoW and 14 in Polomos, but may be there would be two battalions?

My first cavalry man, not too bad may change the faces on all my figures from my 6mm experience.

Grande Armee of 1812 at Borodino

6mm Napolionics, this is the start of a long term project to build the Grande Armee at Borodino, 1812.

You have to start somewhere and here it is d'Alton's Brigade, Morand's 1st Division, the 13th Light Infantry Regiment.

These are Adler figures and are based for Polomos game system on 60mm x 30mm.

I do have another 3 base brigade painted but not finished and two bases of cavalry. I'll post once they are based.

It's been a long while since I last wrote but I have been busy painting........not all mine but painting none the less.