Sunday 26 February 2012

Dystopian Wars Prussian Reinforcements

To compete in the arms race started by Al's Blazing Suns I have added some airships to my Prussian Fleet.

The large airship is covered in weapons and packs a mighty punch, whilst underneath lays an open bomb bay ready to rain destruction down on all the Empire's enemies!
The escorts, ready co cover the major air assets of the fleet. Armed with four main guns and a bomb bay.
All three are a nice addition to my Prussians.

Dystopian Wars, Sun Reinforcements

Ok, reinforcements for Al's Empire of the Blazing Sun's fleet. He is building up quite a large and powerful force,obviously it will not match my mighty Prussian Empire but is is a fine display of Dystopian Naval and Airpower.
Above we have a Wargyro, 2 Gyros, 3 Gunships and 6 Corvettes.
Don't worry the ships are still on their painting bases not a poor attempt to do 'water bases'.

The Wargyro, a very impressive flying machine with plenty of fire power!
Gyros, escorts for the Wargyro or the Gyro Carrier.

Gunships, designed to be fast and hard hitting.
Corvettes, pesky things used to shield bigger ships and take the hits

15mm Napoleonics

The first of Al's piles of metal. A regiment of French Cuirassier. I used the same method as I did for the unit of Bavarian Cavalry posted earlier in this blog. Although Minifig and without he detailed depth of Old Glory they have come out ok.

Since this I have do another unit of Cuirassier, a unit of Hussars and a unit of Imperial Guard foot, the 'Dutch' Guards. Pictures to follow.

15mm Napoleonics

Ok , Al at Plymouth Association of Wargamers, my club, said he had a little painting job for me! Could I sort out some Napoleonic metal, organise them in to POW/BP units and paint them......not much to do then! lol

So let games begin.........

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Painting Soviet Tanks

My painting system for Soviet armor is very simple and easy. Once assembled spray Battlefront Soviet Armor, a liberal wash of GW Devlan Mud, dry brush Vallejo Russian Green then highlight with a mix of Vallejo Russian Green and Dark Sand.
Track were done with neutral steel and then heavily washed with GW Black wash.
The front and rear of the model was then stippled with Vallejo Flat Earth to give it the dirty look!

Soviet Tread Heads!!

So I have had a little push on the Flames of War front and painted a lot of Soviets again!

below were the first of the armored units.

5 KV1s, these model are Battlefront and were great to paint and look good!
A view I will try not to offer a German tank or Pak gun!
T34/85s for the late period, again Battlefront minis that I bought on EBay (god bless them!)
Well that the start of my Soviet push and now there are another 10 KV1s, this time Zvede and another platoon of infantry. Recent purchases include 2 platoons of Sappers, with vehicles, £20 on my show's bring and buy, more infantry, Starlin Organsf and artillery off EBay!
The Soviets will be a very large army!!!!

Prussian Empire in Action

At the beginning of the year I had my first game of Dystopian Wars again Nigel's British. Enjoyed the game and learnt some hard lessons with the loss of many brave Prussian sailors!
As you can guess I lost!!!

Two bombers heading out to sea to punish the snooty Brits!
Torpedo Bombers
The most impressive Zeppelin Aircraft Carrier, pride of the Prussian Fleet!

Having learnt the lessons from this unsuccessful encounter I went on to beat Al's Japanese fleet. You can see pictures of his ships on this blog, I paint them....